Minotaur WIP

Well, I’m not really a huge fan of Games Workshop’s Fantasy offerings, but was intrigued by their Minotaurs. And yes, I pronounce it [min-uh-tawr], not [my-no-tawr]…when did this ridiculous pronunciation become popular?!? Thankfully the guy who sold me the boxed set of these fellows could actually call them by their correct name. Ok, rant over. LOL

So I spent the afternoon today gluing myself to this model which I plan on putting on a 60mm base (shown in the photo)…after losing a few fingerprints due the glue and stabbing my finger with a hobby knife I finally got him together! I still need to fill in some gaps with green stuff and glue him into position on the base, but all in all I like how he came out.

Here is the big boy!! 🙂


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