Sauron, The Necromancer Of Dol Guldur (WIP)

Well, I have never been a huge fan of the Necromancer model Games Workshop offered up for their Lord of the Rings game…however I did purchase one and converted it to my liking, but I was never really all that impressed by my work. So I picked up one of the 54mm LotR Collector’s Models of a wraith and chopped up my Sauron model (pinched his head and right hand) and came up with this WIP. I also removed the ring finger from his right hand to work with the description Gollum gave about him having only four fingers…”Yes, He has only four on the Black Hand, but they are enough“. More to come.


One Response to “Sauron, The Necromancer Of Dol Guldur (WIP)”

  1. […] forever, but now he is completed and painted. I originally intended to have his armor glowing a ghostly blue, but have opted to go with just a simple metallic looking armor and a black cloak. I decided to go […]

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