Minotaur WIP Update

Well, having Hobby ADD can be a terrible thing as it seems to keep you from finishing off jack, as is in this case. I was only planning on painting one minotaur and probably selling the rest of the parts on eBay…then inspiration struck….why not make a white minotaur. The plan for this one is to make him bloody. I have been checking out different hobby sites on how to paint a convincing blood and found that a paint by a company called Tamiya made a really cool Clear Red that once mixed with a bit of GW’s Black Ink comes out looking terrifyingly real! So the plan is to gore-up his axe and probably get a little spatter on himself for effect…probably also a dead body on the base as well.

So here is the update on my 1st minotaur and then the inspired white one…neither are close to completion and I really need to force myself to finish one before I complete the 2nd.


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