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President Lincoln’s Base

Posted in Wild West / Historical on April 29, 2010 by botwt

Took me a little while to decide how I wanted to base President Lincoln. So I finally picked up some of Back 2 Base-ix resin 25mm wooden plank bases. I did need to grind out the underside of the base to attach the 1865 penny, now I just have to wait for Mr. Lincoln to show up (already pre-ordered from Wonderlands Project) to finish this model off.

April/May Painting Challenge: Ent (WIP)

Posted in Lord of the Rings / Fantasy on April 27, 2010 by botwt

Here is one of my Majestic Bear Miniatures Tree Giants (Ent, for all intents and purposes). I have to say that he is a real treat so far to paint up! I highly recommend Dave’s models to everyone who doesn’t own them…outstanding stuff and well worth the money!!


Posted in Sci-Fi on April 27, 2010 by botwt

Not really a model that I put together, converted or painted, but just something to add to my collection and has to be one of the coolest models I own!

Mounted Radagast Completed

Posted in Lord of the Rings / Fantasy on April 18, 2010 by botwt

After many years of wanted to mount Radagast on a horse and never really being able to pull it off, I think I finally have a model I am proud enough of to put on the battlefield.

Here is the old tree hugger! LOL 😀

Star Ship Conversion Contest

Posted in Sci-Fi on April 18, 2010 by botwt

Over on the Federation Commander Forum I am running a conversion contest and all are welcome to enter!

Ok guys, I know I am new here but thought what a better way to get to know all of you than to have a competition. So here goes. 😀

Starting on May 1st and running till June 30th I will be running a contest for the best converted Star Ship (any race). The judging will be done as a blind vote by the community as to ensure people are voting for their favorite piece and not their friends. The prize will be awarded by me in the form of my Shuttlecraft disaster objective marker.

1. All entries are to be sent directly to me in the form of a PM (
please don’t post your work in the forum until after the competition vote).
2. You will need a ‘proof of life’ photo before you begin showing the unpainted ship and the components to be used in the conversion. To get an acceptable ‘proof of life’ photo you can take a picture of the model laying out on that days news paper, in front of your monitor with a website showing that day on it (,, etc).
3. Work must be your own.
4. Model does not have to represent a specific ship type in the rules…so let your creativity go wild! 😀
5. Base model must be from [b]Amarillo Design Bureau, Inc.[/b], if you want to add other parts from another company that is fine.
6. Photo of competed conversion must be shown before painting the model. So, you will need three photos…’proof of life’, completed conversion, painted model.
7. Model must be painted before the end of the competition to qualify.
8. Judging will be done by the community in the form of a poll from July 1st till July 10th.
9. Each entry will be posted with with a numerical tag as opposed to the creators user name to ensure people don’t know whose model is whose and thus giving a fair result.
10. Prize will be mailed out the Monday after the competition voting closes. If perchance the prize is lost in the mail Amarillo Design Bureau, Inc. is not responsible to offer a replacement prize, this contest is entirely on me.

So guys get cracking, and look forward to some great competition!! 😀

Abraham Lincoln Miniature ~ Objective Marker

Posted in Wild West / Historical on April 14, 2010 by botwt

After seeing the miniature of Abraham Lincoln from Wonderlands Project (new company and no link as of yet) which is to be released in May 2010, I knew he had to be part of my Old West collection. But the question bouncing around my head was, ‘you cannot have a miniature of your favorite president running around your town‘…so I plan on making him an objective marker for scenario use. I also wanted to base him in such a way that that would be unique…so I purchased an 1865 Indian head penny (the same year he was assassinated) to be placed under his base. Penny showed up today, but have to wait till 5/15 for Honest Abe to become available.

Final list of my Star Trek fleets

Posted in Sci-Fi on April 14, 2010 by botwt

Here are the 8 ship fleets for the Federation and Klingon Empire I’ve purchased. Should make a nice display in my curio cabinet when completed.

Klingon C8 Dreadnaught
2 x Klingon D7 Battlecruiser
2 x Klingon F5 Frigate
Klingon D6 Heavy Cruiser
Klingon D5 War Cruiser
Klingon C7 Heavy Battlecruiser


2 x Federation Heavy Cruisers
Federation War Destroyer
Federation Battleship
Federation Strike Cruiser
Federation NCL
Federation Frigate
Federation Armed Cutter

Mini of the Month

Posted in Sci-Fi on April 12, 2010 by botwt

Now how do you like that…just one of my Star Trek models painted and I was picked for the Mini of the Month! The question is just how many other models was my little shuttlecraft up against (and I didn’t even know there was a competition)? Look at how my head swells with pride! LOL

Actually I am very flattered! 😀

“Mini of the Month
Every month we will feature one of our miniatures that has been painted by a fan. If you paint miniatures, submit pictures of your minis and they may be selected for the next Mini of the Month!

Shuttle Craft Objective By David Terian”

Newest Editions to Perdition’s Gulch

Posted in Wild West / Historical on April 12, 2010 by botwt

I picked up 5 new buildings for Perdition’s Gulch today from FRP Games. A two room house/store, two story bank and 3 outhouses…c’mon even metal miniatures need a place to relieve themselves. LOL

Ron & Bones?

Posted in Lord of the Rings / Fantasy, Reviews / Uncategorized / Misc. on April 11, 2010 by botwt

Ron & Bones, why am I looking at this so intently today? Looks like it could be a fun game, but is also looking expensive…7 extra miniatures and the game are going to run me into the $180 range. Do I spend that kind of money? Board Game Geek rates it a 7.80, not too shabby I guess. If I pick up the stuff from the Ron & Bones website it will cost me more as it is overseas and I am looking at converting € to $. Anyone have any experience with this game?