Mounted Radagast (WIP part II)

Oh brother, 3 posts in one day…

Here is how Raddy is coming out. Thinking of a black horse with white markings, but that is for another day. It was a pain in the ass just trying to get the colors of the mounted model to match up with the foot version…still a little dark, but I think I am getting there, then again maybe I should leave well enough alone.


6 Responses to “Mounted Radagast (WIP part II)”

  1. The conversion is very impressive, excellentjob on the smoothness there. The horse will look much better once it’s slightly brighter with white markings. My favourite part is the owl.

  2. Thanks Viruk! 🙂
    The foot version has been completed since the Scouring of the Shire set was released…the nightmare is trying to get the color of the mounted model to match up, I don’t think I can capture the same look. The good thing is that they don’t have to share the field at the same time so close is good enough I guess. 😉

  3. The mounted Radagast looks great. I may have to pick up a second figure of him and do soemthing similar myself. Is that ebob’s heroic horse he’s riding?

  4. Thanks brother, actually it is the Minas Tirith Gandalf, Sharkey’s head, lots o greenstuff and some other bits.

  5. Lovely conversions. Nicely done! Mounted Wizards are so much more effective on the battlefield.

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