Ron & Bones?

Ron & Bones, why am I looking at this so intently today? Looks like it could be a fun game, but is also looking expensive…7 extra miniatures and the game are going to run me into the $180 range. Do I spend that kind of money? Board Game Geek rates it a 7.80, not too shabby I guess. If I pick up the stuff from the Ron & Bones website it will cost me more as it is overseas and I am looking at converting € to $. Anyone have any experience with this game?


2 Responses to “Ron & Bones?”

  1. No idea about the game itself, but the minis are excelent!

    One note though, the box gives you a basic set of minis, you might want the really cool ones that come in blister. 😉

  2. Yeah, I did notice that the cool ones were separate. 😦
    I’m still up in the air on it due to the price and all, but may give it a go at some point…then again, if they pop out with some really awesome model it could be alot sooner. 🙂

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