Hobby ADD Has Struck Again!!

I need to cancel my Internet connection…if I get bored I start surfing around to different miniature websites and after seeing Knight Miniatures 30mm Star Wars collection a while back (thanks alot Miguel! LOL) I the purchased the Han Solo and Obi-Wan minis. Well today is a lousy weather day here in WNY and I am feeling a bit lousy as well so where am I…online. After looking at the Anakin Skywalker miniature they offer I fell in love with the pose (not big on the character myself), however I did wonder if I could create something else out of it…then it hit me…Kit Fisto the squid headed Jedi. He is pretty cool looking and so off on a search I went. Bumped into a good looking plastic model of him on eBay and came up with this concept of the model. Obviously I’ll have to extend the tentacles, but that should be fairly simple.

God, I need a hobby! LOL 🙂


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