One of Knight Models 30mm Star Wars Miniatures

Ordered a few of the 30mm Star Wars Miniatures from Knight Models (Obi-Wan, Han and Anakin) and I am really impressed with the detail…these models aren’t cheap (about $20 US) but are of excellent quality and would recommend them to anyone. I was curious about other entries into their 30mm range so I emailed them and here is what they came back with:

Dear Mr. Terian;

Thank you for your interest and suggestions, we will definitely take them into consideration. At the moment we are working on more 70mm figures, so there won’t be any more 30mm figures for a while.


Núria Alborch – Knight Models

So it looks like it might be a while before we see any more 30mm models (if ever due to price), but we can always hope that a really cool Darth Vader is around the corner someday…c’mon they have to make Vader!

So I started a conversion of Kit Fisto with the Anakin model and so far so good. It will become interesting when I start to add his tentacles.


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