PC still busted, but Ash vs Romero has been completed!

I even finished with time to spare! 🙂

Now it is just a matter of boxing this up safely for my brother’s birthday…that is going to be scarier than an undead Romero creeping up behind you. LOL


3 Responses to “PC still busted, but Ash vs Romero has been completed!”

  1. Lol, I remember watching the movie a while ago. Very nice stuff, as always. Excellent painting and even better base, it will make a great gift.

  2. Thanks brother, I was real happy that Romero was in the same scale as Ash once all my parts arrived. I still have to build another one for my best friend Mark, his birthday is in Sept so I have a little time to complete that one. Both models were alot of fun to paint up…so it will be a treat to paint this diorama up again…just hope I do as well on the second one.

  3. […] friend’s birthday present the last couple of days…same basic diorama I created for my brother’s birthday gift. I went with a more muted color palette this time around, but also added a creepy little fellow […]

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