Zuckuss (aka 4-LOM)

When Empire Strikes Back came out I was 10 years old and one of the Star Wars figures my parents got me was 4-LOM (actually he was supposed to be called Zuckuss, but I had no idea).  He was one of my favorite figures until my brother took him on a field trip at school and accidentally threw him away with the wrappers of his lunch…I was really bummed out. We didn’t have alot of money growing up so it was never replaced. When I bumped into the WotC Star Wars miniatures I knew I had to pick him up…now most of these plastic models are crap sculpts, however this one isn’t too shabby, not GW quality mind you, but not bad either (Yoda was another one that was just able to be saved by a repaint).

Looking back at the old action figure I am half tempted to paint him to resemble that model, but am not certain it will look as well as the film version. Then again it will remind me of my childhood…hmmm, then on the other hand I could always hit up eBay and buy the action figure and paint the miniature in the film color scheme…oh, the decisions!

So far I have the miniature of him based and primed for painting, but I think I’ll have to noodle on this quandary for a while.

Any suggestions are more than welcome? 🙂


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