Star Wars Miniatures Review

Seeing how I have been posting several of these models here on the blog I thought I would write a review for those of you who may not own any of these miniatures.

Now I only have ever owned a few of these miniatures, but from what I’ve seen thus far they are a mediocre lot, the Knight Models 30mm range is much nicer, however very limited in selection. Overall some of the sculpts are decent and salvageable by repainting them, other sculpts are just plain terrible. One thing I have noticed is that the more rare the model, the better off the sculpt is…however the more common models are not much to write home about.

Another drawback to these plastic models is their soft, pliable nature. Once bent they seem to retain that position…I have heard that dipping them into boiling water can straighten out the bent limbs, weapons, lightsabres, etc but have never really tried this remedy.

The paint jobs are horrible…even some of the more rare and better sculpted miniatures are hideous, but that is what you get when you go for a pre-painted miniature in most cases.

Now, I am not knocking this game or the models (for the most part), just giving an unbiased view of the product from a purely aesthetic view point for those who may not have had the chance to purchase these now OOP miniatures.  Again I don’t play this game, but do collect some of the miniatures and you can find nearly all of them on eBay reasonably cheap for common types (the more rare ones will run you a few dollars).

Here are a few examples of these miniatures:

Qui-Gon Jinn is a pretty decent sculpt while Obi-Wan…not so much, and you can get a pretty good feel for how these models are painted up.

Here I have Saesee Tiin and Zuckuss (two fairly nice sculpts) being redone.

The character cards are well made and have some great artwork on them (here is one of Chewbacca I Googled).

All in all I am pretty happy with 80% of the models I’ve purchased from this Star Wars range, not pleased at all with the paint jobs however…but that is just me. If you do purchase some of these models (and I recommend doing so) just do your homework on them before wasting your hard earned cash (I Googled the hell out of these models looking for decent photos of the miniatures…they are very hard to find, so some may just be very nice and you won’t even know unless you buy one)…and if you are like me, a collector, you will get some joy out of repainting these buggers, just don’t expect great detail from them, even the better sculpted ones.

Rating of a 6 out of 10


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