Outlaw Posse (Legends Of The Old West)

Having only played one kind of miniatures game (The Lord of the Rings Strategy Battle Game that Games Workshop produces) I decided on picking up the Legends of the Old West by Warhammer Historical about a year ago. The smaller scale of the armies and more liberal movement of the game pieces is what really impressed me with LotR, and LotOW is basically the same sort of gaming style, but offers upgrades to your army (posse) almost like a RPG.

As my hobby room lay in the throes of disrepair, the township of Perdition’s Gulch remains in its bare resin state awaiting assembly. However the townsfolk are slowly nearing completion, as are their nemesis…MacCrimmon’s Damned, my outlaw posse.

Yes, that is a dachshund in the gang. 🙂

Here is my latest Old West model…very Sam Elliott like.


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