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Hammerhead Jedi?

Posted in Sci-Fi on August 29, 2010 by botwt

I really liked my ’70s action figure Hammerhead…he was always one of my favorites, and when I started picking up these WotC Star Wars miniatures I had wanted to create an Ithorian (Hammerhead) Jedi. So I did a Google search for Ithorian Star Wars miniatures and came up with these two pieces, an Ithorian Scout and Commander.

Then I bumped into this piece of artwork.

The scout then looked to have more promise as a starting point and so I picked up one on eBay…fortunately the sale fell through as the seller was out of stock. Then I found out there was already an Ithorian Jedi called Roron Corobb…look, I know just enough about the Star Wars universe from my childhood days so I was surprised that there was a character like this. Then I went diggin’ to see if WotC made one of these miniatures…they did, so I bought one straight away.

Of course the paint job was an abomination, but I did get it cheap enough, so went looking for a suitable paint scheme to follow and chose the Gentle Giant Roron Corobb Maquette, and if I had $90 I’d get it!

So here is the final result of my Hammerhead Jedi, Roron Corobb.

I can see a mistake around his eye that needs to be taken care of and some of the shading on his skin is lost in the photo, but I am surprised how well the lightsaber highlights and blending has shown up. Even with all my little mistakes here and there, this guy was a blast to paint!



Posted in Sci-Fi on August 28, 2010 by botwt

What Star Wars collection is complete without a few Jawas?

I finished off the one I own, but plan on getting one of each of these to put into a diorama. I think that I will also add an R7 Astromech Droid that they are trying to sell to the base as well.

Here is my finished Jawa. Not a tough model to repaint, but a fun one for sure. Added some carbon scoring to the end of the weapon and deepened the eye color from the original paint job and also the robe is a shade darker as well, but basically kept the same color palette that they used in the factory.

Quinlan Vos

Posted in Sci-Fi on August 28, 2010 by botwt

I’ve been a little bit inactive hobby-wise the last couple of days since I finished off Zuckuss and I’ve been trolling the Internet looking at other Star Wars miniatures that I might wanna buy. Yeah, I know I said I was going to try and stay away from temptation by avoiding websites like eBay, but couldn’t help myself as my wife wanted me to get her a strategy guide for one of her Wii games and the only place to go was eBay for it.

So I bumped into a character called Quinlan Vos, cool thing about this character is that he isn’t all good, he’s a pretty conflicted dude. So, then I Googled better pictures of the two different miniatures that are out there for him…wasn’t thrilled. Then creativity struck, I could make my own version after seeing this artwork for him.

So now where to go? I found two different Jedi that could work nicely as base models for Vos, the Jedi Watchman and Jedi Exile…funny thing is they are both female.

The Jedi Exile is the more expensive of the two miniatures, but that doesn’t necessarily rule the model out. So I played around in Photoshop to get an idea what way I want to go before spending the cash.

First concepts of both were as follows:

Jedi Watchman with repositioned hands, shortened forearms and sculpted dreadlocks.

The Jedi Exile would just be getting the sculpted dreadlocks.

Now I cannot be certain that once I get finished that it won’t just look like a female Jedi with dreads, so I really looked at the two different versions of Vos out there again and decided that I could pick up this one and just do a head swap.

Here are the two concepts of the head swap conversions.

Right now I am kinda leaning toward the head swap with the Jedi Watchman model as the base, but I’m just not sure.

Any ideas guys? 🙂

Mid-Nite With Zuckuss (& 4-LOM)

Posted in Sci-Fi on August 25, 2010 by botwt

So with my break away from the Rivendell twins I’ve found myself back with my buddy Zuckuss, and his buddy 4-LOM. In my previous post I decided to pick up a 4-LOM and mount the two bounty hunters together on one 40mm base.

I basically had three variants of this character to choose from.

With Zuckuss kinda just standing there in a non-threatening pose I wasn’t too keen on 4-LOM behind him in an aggressive stance so I opted for pose number three. Now only if mine were painted as nicely as the one in the photograph…guhhh. Oh well, I would have repainted it anyway…hehe. I used this image of 4-LOM to go by.

For the base I went with a reddish earth with a bleached out grass…figured better than the brown and green of a standard base job. I started out with a terracotta and moved into a few different shades of red (going brighter as I applied each highlight), then finished off with a touch of Bleached Bone (GW).

Here is the finished piece. Zuckuss looks a bit shiny all over (not sure why), his head is a bit greasy looking in real life (an effect I was going for), but the rest of him is actually kinda dull. Only complaint I have is the grass under Zuckuss, I put it down before gluing him in place…think I just add a touch more to make it look more natural.

And a blurry close-ups of these two. 🙂

Five Days In…

Posted in Lord of the Rings / Fantasy on August 23, 2010 by botwt

…and I’m still hating these Rivendell brats, and have jack to show or even update. They are frustrating me to no end and hobbies are supposed to be fun…why is this project such a headache? The worst part is the other models that I might have fun working on are staring at me from the top of my desk…watching, waiting, judging. Well, maybe not watching per se as some don’t have eyes yet, but they are definitely judging.

So now comes the decision…do I just abandon these fellows for another several months and come back at them with fresh eyes or plow on through and get frustrated even further. Am I frustrated or is my hobby ADD kickin’ up? Na, definitely frustrated…I wanna believe that. So I think I am going to shelve these guys for two weeks and come back at them with fresh eyes…or at least less tempted eyes.

OK, Zuckuss…I’m coming…

I Am Beginning To Remember Why…

Posted in Lord of the Rings / Fantasy on August 22, 2010 by botwt

…this project stalled so long ago. Working on the twin with the two-handed weapon has been a friggin nightmare. The plastic bow…too big to do anything with. Tinkering with where to add the second blade…again I come up empty. I did manage to reposition his head, so now I guess I’ll just paint him up and see where this leads me…maybe creativity will strike then.

No more surfing…

Posted in Lord of the Rings / Fantasy on August 19, 2010 by botwt

…well, to manufactures websites, eBay and whatnot. At least I am going to try that for the next month and force myself to work on the hundreds of pounds (as in weight) of metal and plastic miniatures I presently own.

While things are always in a constant state of flux on my hobby desk I decided to tinker with some unfinished projects…one of those projects are my Rivendell twins, Elladan and Elrohir. I love the statline for these characters, but always found that the models Games Workshop offered for them horrendous. Exaggerated swords and not to mention arms that only a gorilla mother could love…other than that…not too shabby.

And when GW came out with their armored versions of these two, at that point I totally gave up and figured I would convert my own to add to my Grey Company army. Being that the Dunedain rangers aren’t going to be clad in clunky armor I decided to make sure my twins were going to look like the rest of the group and remained similar to the models above with light armor. I was in a quandary on how to proceed until GW released the Rivendell Elrond model.

It’s a really nice sculpt but wanted to make the models look unique and combative. The original models were wearing chainmail which constitutes light armor in the SBG rules, but the new Elrond isn’t wearing any…so I dabbled in some Photoshop concepts and created this one where I used the head of the Erestor model to give the model its armor quotient without having to do too much revamping of the original sculpt.

Now the tricky part comes in…how to make the twins unique? Well, first idea was to just do one head swap…scrapped that idea as the WYSIWYG rules would need the armor showing on both. I also wanted to add bows to these guys…why not, there are elves and have amazing shoot values and they are teamed up with rangers. So bows were in. They can also switch from a two-handed attack or have an extra attack point if fighting with standard two blades. Now how do I represent that?

With the original models one is attacking with two swords and the other with one (with the hilt of the other blade under his robes)…this got me thinking, why not convert one with a two-headed weapon and the other keeping the standard sword supplied on the model already. Then I can either add a second sword or put the hilt of one under his robes like I’ll have to do on the two-handed brother.

Well easier said than done. How do you make the model where both arms are covered in robes and spread apart come together and hold one sword…not to mention where do you hide the second sword after doing this? So what I did was remove the sword from the original two-handed model (yes, when they first came out I did purchase a set of those models) and ground away the left hand from the sword’s hilt and replaced the current one with this modified sword. Yes, he is holding it in one hand, but it is a large sword so it can easily be reconciled as a two-handed weapon. Next really is to create some sword hilts to place under the robes and attach the bows to the models backs, but decided to place the bow in one of the brothers hands while the other one is attached to his back…this made the most sense to me.

So with all that said (or typed if you will) this is where the project stalled…months ago.

I still need to create the sword hilts, add some green stuff to the neck of the brother with the two-hander and attach the bow to him. I’m also not too happy with the other brother’s bow hand…I’m going to have to reposition that it I think.

So now it is time to get these conversions finished off and painted…next post will continue with this project.