Death Of Megatron?

Taking a little break from the Inquisitor Coteaz model and having this spare head from my Revoltech Megatron staring at me,  I decided to make a little piece to add to one of the bases of my Sci-Fi models.

Primed it up and gave the head a battle damage repaint and then added the neck-guts out of some odds-and-ends laying about. Painted one of his eyes grey and lifeless and the other with a reddish glow to show there is some power left in his crazy little head. C’mon Megatron cannot die, besides he is the coolest Transformer going.

To build his neck I used the end of a pen cap and then took out the wires from an old phone cable I had in my kitchen’s junk drawer…man that place is a veritable treasure trove for a hobbyist!


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