Merumeru, Wookiee Captain

Now this would be an awesome pose for this Wookiee…

…but Wizards of the Coast thought otherwise and offered us this sad, hunched-over Wookiee with his Winchester shotgun. And where did the blue armor come from, and where is his helmet?

“I’m coming Mr. Dillon.”

So, while I’ve been working on my wife’s dachshund and waiting for paint to dry between layers, I began disassembling him and contemplating how I can achieve the movie pose. It’s going to take alot of cutting and green stuff to get his posture corrected, but fur is pretty easy to sculpt and brass rod will get him positioned correctly.

Now the question is where are all my spears? 😕


4 Responses to “Merumeru, Wookiee Captain”

  1. This is going to look awesome! Looking forward to seeing it come together. Sculpting the fur will def help cover the repositioned arms.

    Good Stuff

  2. Thanks Rob!
    Should have an update by tomorrow. 🙂

  3. Looking forward to seeing this come to fruition Dave, I always enjoy your conversions. But don’t neglect your wife’s dachshund!

  4. LOL
    Yeah, you’re right Alan…I really have to stick to that doxie and get her finished. 🙂

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