A Bit Of An Update

Last couple of days I’ve been pretty trashed physically so not alot of progress in the hobby department unfortunately. I have been cycling between these two miniatures presently so I figured I would update both projects in one post.

The dachshund is proving to be a challenge as there isn’t much detail to work with so I’ll have to provide the hair texture in varying layers and shades of paint.

As for the Wookiee, Merumeru…I think I am close to breaking out the green stuff and sculpting the fur. Then again I could just tear him apart and start over again…so undecided.

Funny thing is I had to rip off his right arm as it was hanging low, something I didn’t see until I photographed him. I made cuts at his groin and added small bits of plastic as spacers…completely rebuilt the right arm and drilled out his hand to hold the spear (which is two spears so it would be long enough), and as for the left arm I added some brass rod to brace it and reattached his lower arm in a different position. How’s that for a run on sentence!

Next update I hope to have the green stuff started and some better results on the dachshund.


2 Responses to “A Bit Of An Update”

  1. I think the wookie is looking awesome!

    Fill in the gaps with some hair and he is good to go. Really like the spear too. Looks like i’l have to get some wookies now…

  2. Thanks much Rob! 🙂
    I should have an updated version of him posted today with the green stuff applied.

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