The Island Of Blood Looks…

…like it will be a must buy if for nothing more than the Griffon. I’m not exactly a gamer (except the every now and again game of LotR SBG and LotOW), but I do love a good model to paint up, and this one looks awesome! Personally the elf will be removed and I’ll resculpt the feathers so it looks like just a wild beast…all in all looks like it should be a fairly straight forward conversion.

September 4th cannot get here soon enough…ahhh, that is just the hobby ADD talking again…or is it?


2 Responses to “The Island Of Blood Looks…”

  1. You can possibly trade for the Griffon, I know people in Vancouver who are buying two box sets, keeping the Elves trading the Skaven and the extra gryphon away for more elves and possibly money…

    Some eBay’ers will break up the box set and sell off individual pieces, they did that last time and for 40K too.

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