Vader and Fett

I’ve been trying to decide on which Darth Vader and Boba Fett model to pick up from the WotC Star Wars line for a long time (these two are to complete the Star Wars models I plan to purchase). There are several variants of each character and some are very expensive especially for the marginal quality, I have no problems spending cash on something that is well produced…the wife knows this to be true. Hehe.

Here were the choices of these two I had to pick from.

Choosing a Vader from this selection was really easier than choosing a Boba Fett. As you can see most of the Vader poses left be wondering if he should be dressed in a ballerina outfit, while others looked as if he just got home from the pub after having a few too many and was swinging his lightsaber about the joint. I was close to picking the one in the middle of the top row, but went with the one pictured below as he looked just too flat.

Boba Fett was tricky. The kid Fett was out right off the get go…the one that looks like he is falling backward got nixed for that very reason. So it left me wondering between the three choices in the top row and the one that I ended up with. The first one in the top row was nearly my choice, but couldn’t get myself to spend roughly $40 USD for him.

Here are the versions I decided on of these two.

Obviously Vader’s lightsaber is getting replaced and I’ll need to reposition Boba Fett’s legs a bit, but all in all I am pretty happy with the purchases.

One thing, Vader is massive…here is a shot of him next to Obi-Wan and Tarfful.

Now, I guess he was supposed to be nearly 7 feet tall in the story so his largeness is pretty much doable when displayed next to a 6 foot Human and an 8 foot Wookiee.

Please shoot me if I buy anymore of these Star Wars minis. 🙂


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