Darth Vader Invades The Hoth Rebel Base

I am pitiful. Getting new models is always a sure fire way for me to complete nothing…till today. I decided that if I was going to allow myself to get distracted that I would complete the model I was going to jump onto…so Darth Vader is now finished and out of my way.

Being that he is a fairly large model I figured that the 30mm bases I have been basing my Star Wars models on wasn’t going to look right (also the reason I plan on putting all three of my Wookiees together on a 60mm base), so I went with the second of the two 50mm bases I picked up from ForgeCraft Games.

Oh, I forgot to mention that the lightsaber was removed and replaced with a section of a paperclip.

The base has a wrecked look and what looks like dirt coming through the decking so I had to do some planning on how I wanted it to look. Using the clean base for a Death Star diorama with Han & Chewie I decided to go with a battle damaged Rebel Hoth Base look for Vader to stand on…broken dirty Death Star didn’t make sense. Also added a glowing hot paint job to the I-beam in the center of the base like it had just been severed by his lightsaber.

Vader was painted in a myriad of black paints including a shiny black ink on his helmet. His ‘eyes’ were painted in an almost blackish-red ink to resemble the lenses of his helmet in the first Star Wars film. This is the image I used along the way to help me with the painting process.

Now, removing these Star Wars miniatures from their bases isn’t too bad, but you do need to be smarter than the razor knife you are using. After sterilizing the wound I used some of my model glue to close it…stuff works wonders when a Band-Aid just won’t do the trick. Be careful!

And here is the final product…probably some touch ups needed here and there but not too shabby either for my shaky hands.


2 Responses to “Darth Vader Invades The Hoth Rebel Base”

  1. Paperclips!! An awesome idea, one I shall have to “borrow”. Initially really liked the transparent sabers the minis come with but a Jedi with a bent saber just looks wrong. Watch the Family Guy remake of Star Wars and you’ll know what I mean.

  2. Yes, limp lightsabers just don’t do the trick. 🙂

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