Knight Models 30mm Star Wars Review

After doing a review on the marginally impressive Wizards of the Coast Star Wars Miniatures I thought I would write a nice concise review of the 30mm Knight Models Star Wars miniature has to offer.

Packaging is professional and comes with a reference photo of the model you purchase on the back of the insert card (the model does not come pre-primed…primed this one before I though about doing the review).

The quality of the sculpts are amazing, and very close the the actual actor’s appearance…Harrison Ford never looked so good and would be proud of this miniature Solo.

Scale wise, they would fit in perfectly with Warhammer 40K miniatures, WotC Star Wars models, and are sculpted in a 30mm non-heroic scale.

They are easy to convert as well, I took the Anakin Skywalker model and turned it into this Kit Fisto using one of the WotC models and a bunch of green stuff.

Luminara Unduli and Barriss Offee are the two newest Jedi they are producing. Looking at their online store it seems that these two will be sold together which makes spending the $20 a little less difficult.

All in all these are fantastic models, their price is a bit high for a single model ($20 USD), but when you compare that with some of Games Workshop’s pricing it really isn’t out of place. One knock…the base. They supply you with a simple, standard 25mm round base to mount this fantastic sculpt on…for $20 I’d like to get a bit nicer base like the 30mm rounded lip bases I mounted mine onto.

I have to give these models a glowing 8.5 out of 10 for quality of the sculpt and the usefulness of the packaging card for painting reference. The standard base, limited number of characters and the price are the only knocks I can find.

These really are a must have! 🙂


5 Responses to “Knight Models 30mm Star Wars Review”

  1. $20 per model is a little pricey but on the other hand you generally don’t need too many of them.

    Great job on the Fisto conversion too, he’s my favourite Jedi.

  2. I love this range but the price is just too much for me at the moment.

    looking forward to seeing Han painted up.

  3. Thanks guys for the comments! 🙂
    Han is currently being painted and I should have that mini diorama completed today I hope.
    I think Fisto has to be one of my favorite Jedi too. 🙂

  4. Alright, I was inspired by your blog and bought the Luke and Han. I am totally blown away by the fine detail on these things!!
    Now I’m a total newb to these white metal minis. But I’m definitely determined to learn. I blew a bunch of coin on paints but I would like to know what kind of glue you would recommend to glue these things together and to the bases?

  5. Games Workshop glue seems to work just fine for me, but any kind of ‘good’ super glue should be fine. One thing about white metal miniatures is that you want to prime them first or the paint will have a strong tendency to chip really easy.
    I look forward to seeing how your Han and Luke turn out! 🙂

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