Zuckuss (aka 4-LOM) ~ Part II

After much inner debate I have decided to go with this paint scheme for my Zuckuss, also partly because I purchased the ’80s action figure off eBay to fill my need to replace my lost one, so no need to replicate that color scheme.

While looking up photos of Zuckuss to use as a painting guide I came across this one.

Now, I have a healthy liking for the Zuckuss character…probably like him more than I should because when I had my action figure he was lost after about a week of owning him and never was replaced (and at that time he was my favorite figure)…but this person…WOW! Zuckuss in a pink dress…holy crap!  o_O

OK, back on target. The original plan was that I’ll base him on the typical 30mm base and give it an otherworldly look to it…probably a reddish tone to the earth and go with a bleached colored grass. Wookieepedia describes his planet (Gand) as having an ammonia-filled atmosphere and a rocky landscape…as ammonia really doesn’t have a color, a red earth seems perfectly plausible to me. Still keeping with that idea I decided why not base him on a larger 50mm round base with his droid bounty hunter buddy 4-LOM. So in keeping with the decision to not purchase any more of the WotC miniatures as I already own enough of them, I bought another. Wow I am weak!

So now I will base the bounty hunting duo to the same base and then that should be that. Yeah right…I did mention I am weak?


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