I Don’t Think I Can Stop

Well, again I sit and wait between layers of paint to dry and what do I do…look for ways to spend more of my money. Today I found myself wandering over to the Knight Models website and began checking out their miniatures…again. Now, Darth Maul was never one of my favorite characters, but he is a cool looking one. So as I was checking out the pose an idea popped into my head…why not created a cool little diorama with the attacking Yoda miniature and the attacking Darth Maul charging at each other.

The price tag of these miniatures is 86.40€ EUR or 111.174$ USD…plus shipping, but I’m sure I have something I can sell on eBay to get the cash together if I decide to do this. Then I’ll have to come up with a cool resin base to display them on. Yoda looks like he is standing on a rock…checked out some photos of the miniature over on Cool Mini or Not. So off I went to Dragon Forge, an online store I have used in the past. They make some great pieces and large ones too, like this cool desert wasteland 120mm round base.

So now I just need to scrape together some money, oh man I need some help…


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