Five Days In…

…and I’m still hating these Rivendell brats, and have jack to show or even update. They are frustrating me to no end and hobbies are supposed to be fun…why is this project such a headache? The worst part is the other models that I might have fun working on are staring at me from the top of my desk…watching, waiting, judging. Well, maybe not watching per se as some don’t have eyes yet, but they are definitely judging.

So now comes the decision…do I just abandon these fellows for another several months and come back at them with fresh eyes or plow on through and get frustrated even further. Am I frustrated or is my hobby ADD kickin’ up? Na, definitely frustrated…I wanna believe that. So I think I am going to shelve these guys for two weeks and come back at them with fresh eyes…or at least less tempted eyes.

OK, Zuckuss…I’m coming…


4 Responses to “Five Days In…”

  1. These guys are really giving you hard time. I guess it’s better to put them away for a while and wait for the creative juices to flow again.

  2. Hard time is an understatement! 🙂
    Yeah, these boys are getting a two week holiday then I’ll came back at them and see where we go from there.

  3. Yup I agree with Viruk, just put them aside and work on something else for a while.

    I tend to naturally work on four or five projects at once (has nothing to do with my lack of time management or my fantastic ability to get distracte….ooh shiny).

  4. “…fantastic ability to get distracte….ooh shiny…”
    LOL, sounds just like me! 🙂

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