Mid-Nite With Zuckuss (& 4-LOM)

So with my break away from the Rivendell twins I’ve found myself back with my buddy Zuckuss, and his buddy 4-LOM. In my previous post I decided to pick up a 4-LOM and mount the two bounty hunters together on one 40mm base.

I basically had three variants of this character to choose from.

With Zuckuss kinda just standing there in a non-threatening pose I wasn’t too keen on 4-LOM behind him in an aggressive stance so I opted for pose number three. Now only if mine were painted as nicely as the one in the photograph…guhhh. Oh well, I would have repainted it anyway…hehe. I used this image of 4-LOM to go by.

For the base I went with a reddish earth with a bleached out grass…figured better than the brown and green of a standard base job. I started out with a terracotta and moved into a few different shades of red (going brighter as I applied each highlight), then finished off with a touch of Bleached Bone (GW).

Here is the finished piece. Zuckuss looks a bit shiny all over (not sure why), his head is a bit greasy looking in real life (an effect I was going for), but the rest of him is actually kinda dull. Only complaint I have is the grass under Zuckuss, I put it down before gluing him in place…think I just add a touch more to make it look more natural.

And a blurry close-ups of these two. 🙂


3 Responses to “Mid-Nite With Zuckuss (& 4-LOM)”

  1. very cool!

    I wouldn’t want to bump into them down a dark alley!

  2. Another fine piece of work. The bounty hunters, especially the ones in ESB have to be among the coolest Star Wars characters ever.

  3. Thanks guys!
    Yeah I have to agree, the ESB group of bounty hunters were just awesome!
    I have a Boba Fett and an IG-88 waiting to go…also a Greedo waiting in the wings.

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