Quinlan Vos

I’ve been a little bit inactive hobby-wise the last couple of days since I finished off Zuckuss and I’ve been trolling the Internet looking at other Star Wars miniatures that I might wanna buy. Yeah, I know I said I was going to try and stay away from temptation by avoiding websites like eBay, but couldn’t help myself as my wife wanted me to get her a strategy guide for one of her Wii games and the only place to go was eBay for it.

So I bumped into a character called Quinlan Vos, cool thing about this character is that he isn’t all good, he’s a pretty conflicted dude. So, then I Googled better pictures of the two different miniatures that are out there for him…wasn’t thrilled. Then creativity struck, I could make my own version after seeing this artwork for him.

So now where to go? I found two different Jedi that could work nicely as base models for Vos, the Jedi Watchman and Jedi Exile…funny thing is they are both female.

The Jedi Exile is the more expensive of the two miniatures, but that doesn’t necessarily rule the model out. So I played around in Photoshop to get an idea what way I want to go before spending the cash.

First concepts of both were as follows:

Jedi Watchman with repositioned hands, shortened forearms and sculpted dreadlocks.

The Jedi Exile would just be getting the sculpted dreadlocks.

Now I cannot be certain that once I get finished that it won’t just look like a female Jedi with dreads, so I really looked at the two different versions of Vos out there again and decided that I could pick up this one and just do a head swap.

Here are the two concepts of the head swap conversions.

Right now I am kinda leaning toward the head swap with the Jedi Watchman model as the base, but I’m just not sure.

Any ideas guys? 🙂


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