Hammerhead Jedi?

I really liked my ’70s action figure Hammerhead…he was always one of my favorites, and when I started picking up these WotC Star Wars miniatures I had wanted to create an Ithorian (Hammerhead) Jedi. So I did a Google search for Ithorian Star Wars miniatures and came up with these two pieces, an Ithorian Scout and Commander.

Then I bumped into this piece of artwork.

The scout then looked to have more promise as a starting point and so I picked up one on eBay…fortunately the sale fell through as the seller was out of stock. Then I found out there was already an Ithorian Jedi called Roron Corobb…look, I know just enough about the Star Wars universe from my childhood days so I was surprised that there was a character like this. Then I went diggin’ to see if WotC made one of these miniatures…they did, so I bought one straight away.

Of course the paint job was an abomination, but I did get it cheap enough, so went looking for a suitable paint scheme to follow and chose the Gentle Giant Roron Corobb Maquette, and if I had $90 I’d get it!

So here is the final result of my Hammerhead Jedi, Roron Corobb.

I can see a mistake around his eye that needs to be taken care of and some of the shading on his skin is lost in the photo, but I am surprised how well the lightsaber highlights and blending has shown up. Even with all my little mistakes here and there, this guy was a blast to paint!


4 Responses to “Hammerhead Jedi?”

  1. Nice work, a great looking character. I really need to paint a few more star wars minis…

  2. Thanks Rob, some of the Star Wars minis are quite fun…cannot wait to see how you do one of your amazing paint jobs on some of them. 🙂

  3. BD Veloco Says:

    thats my fav. jedi right there 🙂

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