Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader

I had the spare head of Anakin Skywalker left over after my Kit Fisto conversion and while working on my friend’s birthday diorama I thought that making a freshly born Darth Vader might be kinda cool (as Anakin in general just wasn’t all that cool and only became interesting to me once he became evil).

So I Googled an image of evil Anakin and set about laying the basic paint job on the head to see if I should really purchase another of Knight Models Anakin Skywalker miniatures.

Still need to add shading to his hair and clean up the paint job on his skin…also think I may highlight the center of his orange iris a brighter yellow, it just doesn’t see to be showing enough as it is now.

So after dinking around for a few minutes I think I will pick up another of the Anakin minis and make a nice little pre-burned alive Darth Vader.


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