Quinlan Vos (Completed)

So, I went with the winning vote of converting Quinlan Vos from the Watchman Jedi with some sculpted hair…what a disaster, but only due to the miniature. I messed around over and over with the hair, then finally got it looking alright. Painted the entire head black to get a feel for how it looked…the sculpting was fine, but wasn’t entirely sold on the face, so I painted the face quickly to see if I could live with the result. It oscillated between being too feminine to being too reserved for the pose…so off it came and on went the actual Quinlan Vos head. I wish it would have worked as that would have saved me $10, but perfection is what I strive for, and while I could have stuck with the original head I wouldn’t have been happy.

So now that the official QV model is being chopped up I decided to also use the lightsaber and hands from that model as well. I trimmed down the ferocious forearms of the Jedi model (the proportions were way off for the model) and then rearranged the lightsaber hilt in his hand to give it a stabbing effect while using his open left hand to guide the stabbing right one.

All in all a much better result than the sculpting effort on the standard head as now I think the model looks much more ferocious and suits the pose.

Thank you guys for the input! 😀


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