Cad Bane

Being that I love westerns and science fiction this interesting character caught my eye pretty quickly. Cad Bane is some sort of villainous mercenary in the Star Wars Universe and has this wild west look about him…too cool! So of course I checked to see if there is a miniature of this guy that I could paint up…there is…and he runs roughly $60 USD on eBay…screw that!!

Not only is he going for around $60 bucks, but he is plastic and the WotC models are less that stellar in the detail department. If Knight Models made one and it was $60….I’d still have a hell of a time parting with that kind of money for one 30mm model.

So off in search of conversion possibilities I went.

So what kind of alien is he…looks like a Duros, OK, now what Duros models do WotC make that are cheap and decent looking. The Duros Mercenary looked to have the most potential as a starting point.

This guy cost me 39¢.

Then I bumped into Wyrd Miniatures Santiago – Ortega Gunslinger. Now, this is a miniature to build upon! Nice detail, white metal and looks like I’ll need to do a simple head swap and add a hat.

This model ran me $8.99

I added .045 in / 1.15 mm diameter power cables from Dragon Forge for his facial hoses and sculpted the cheek bits out of green stuff.

Here is the completed conversion on a Tatooine desert 30mm base.

So if we’ve been keeping track of cost, I have made this conversion of Cad Bane for a grand total of $9.38 instead of close to $60…now, for being on a budget, it’s not too shabby.

For those of you who play the Star Wars Miniature game I generated a card for you. The stats are the actual ones for the game and the front art was from a fan made card…just combined them together so you can print out a card if you need one.


One Response to “Cad Bane”

  1. Great work on the mini. I had the same problem with the pricing of the Wizards stuff when I was tracking down some of the main characters. One version of Leia would be $3.99 while another would be $39.99. It’s frustrating, needless to say I bought the $3.99 version.

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