Jabba The Hutt Diorama ~ Part I

Progress is coming along on the Jabba the Hutt Diorama. I have Han Solo partially painted and positioned on the based…still need to work on the controls on the side of his carbonite, or nitroglyceride as my wife put it…hehe, container. I think I will also add a Gamorrean guard, Bib Fortuna and a Jawa providing I have enough space and not have it look too cluttered up. I still need to build a little platform for Jabba to lay about on but haven’t found the right material to make it from yet…might just use insulation board.

Here is the base w/Solo and a shot of Jabba Desilijic Tiure (the things you learn from Google eh?) as they stand presently.

I am liking the way Jabba is turning out so far, just wish I was able to remove a nasty mould line on his side…ehhh, no one will notice it in the curio cabinet once it’s in there anyway.

Comments and critique are always welcome. 😀


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