Nahdar Vebb ~ Mon Calamari Jedi Knight

Had some spare bits laying about and thought I’d put together Nahdar Vebb the Mon Calamari Jedi Knight. First rule of conversions is you never talk about…oh wait, that is Fight Club, ummm first rule is never throw anything away. I found this out early on when I was doing alot of Lord of the Rings conversions and I ditched some little piece that ended up being just what I was looking for about six months later. So no matter what it looks like or how unimportant it seems at the time, find a home for it as it will always come in handy for something along the way. That was the case with the Plo Koon body I had left over…made a perfect starting point for Jedi Knight Vebb. The head was scavenged from a Mon Calamari Mercenary and his hands were grabbed from a left over Kit Fisto…and again the blade of his lightsaber was made from a paperclip.


4 Responses to “Nahdar Vebb ~ Mon Calamari Jedi Knight”

  1. Paperclips… yes! *face palm*

    The one thing I really hate about the Wizards minis are the bent light sabers. I’ve tried wire and I could never get it straight enough but I never even thought of raiding the study drawers.

    Nice work on the Vebb model too. You must have a few minis done by now, you should put up some group shots.

  2. Thanks Tim, yeah getting quite a few done over the last while…I’ll have to get a group shot of them posted soon. 🙂

  3. Rob Jones Says:

    I love this character in the clone wars, shame he wasn’t in many episodes, damn Grievous…

    An excellent job mate, a great addition to your collection.

  4. Thanks Rob! 🙂
    He was a fun build, now it is time to buckle down and get Jabba finished off.

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