Jabba The Hutt Diorama ~ Part II

Ordered Bib Fortuna and a Jawa to complete the diorama, opted not to go with the Gamorrean Guard at this time as I am fairly sure it will look too cluttered.

In the meanwhile I’ve been working away slowly on Jabba…I think he is getting near completion and I’m pretty happy with the results thus far. I painted his eyes a dull red, highlighted with a bright red then a bright orange for his iris and finally a black slit for his pupil. The hookah pipe was painted with a series of greys and whites for the top part of his bong, while a series of greens were used for his feeding bowl below…to make it look more like glass I applied a gloss coat over those areas leaving everything else in a matte finish.

I am still going to attempt to paint his tattoo on his arm, but my free hand skills are terrible so I hope I can do it justice…it doesn’t look too difficult, but we’ll see.


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