Been a while since I worked on a LotR model so thought I’d break out of my sci-fi fix and work on this character (besides I need to wait on the rest of my parts to arrive before I can finish off the Jabba diorama).

I always liked the Galadhrim Court Guard models but wasn’t overly impressed by the Rúmil model. Elves are kinda less than masculine for the most part, but what did me in on this model was what looks like a chainmail miniskirt. At that point there wasn’t a chance I was going to spend money on him.

So after making an online trade with my buddy Sean in The Netherlands for some Court Guard minis I made use of one of them for my Rúmil. I have an extra Galadhrim shield and a spare elven blade laying about so I removed this model’s spear and replaced both hands with blade and shield.

Here is the completed conversion (pre-primer).

Tomorrow I am hoping to get outside and prime him and then finish him off before my Star Wars order arrives and side tracks me. LOL


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