Project: Grievous ~ Part I

After getting the two General Grievous models in the mail I decided to use the Scourge of the Jedi as the base model…the Jedi Hunter model was horribly bent and nearly unsalvageable…so I made use of his head and one of his lightsaber wielding hands (it had a better lightsaber hilt to work with). In his left hand I plan on putting a blaster…this idea may get scraped, but we’ll see how it progresses. The blaster was rescued from the Duros Scoundrel model that I used for Cad Bane…told you never to throw anything away. Hehe

Onward to assembly. 🙂

Before I continue into the painting aspect of this project I need to acquire a nice sci-fi base to put him on, so for now he’ll remain as is unless I think (or get convinced) that a second lightsaber is needed.

Comments & critique are always welcome! 🙂


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