Jabba The Hutt Diorama ~ Part IV (The Completion)

Well, I tried to make the Jawa’s fan out of green stuff and failed miserably…so being that the leaves are starting to fall here in New York I found a perfect small leaf to replace the hideous attempted green stuff one. I soaked it in some school glue then once it was sealed I glued it in place…painted black and highlighted grey and he was ready to go…the stuff you find taking the dog out to do her business. Hehe.

Pink foam insulation board did the job for his throne…I was going to get more detailed with it, but for some reason decided not to press my luck and left it a bit more simple. The bronze heads on the throne were created using some Mantic Games plastic ghoul heads. I was going to use them to create some unique orcs for my Mordor army, but hey one conversion or another…makes no difference and they work well enough here.


2 Responses to “Jabba The Hutt Diorama ~ Part IV (The Completion)”

  1. Really fantastic job on the dio!

    I’m very curious how you got Jabba off of his base? Saw? Knife? Belt Sander?

  2. Thank you! 🙂
    Belt sander…LOL, no actually I just pulled him off the base…he is just glued on, same with Crumb.

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