Project: Grievous ~ Part IV

Getting that anxious feeling about coming close to finishing this model I pushed through the discomfort in my thumb and removed him from his base, then glued him onto his new scenic resin base. Next I attached his gun hand…it looked ridiculous pointing off to the side so I cut the arm at the ‘elbow’ and positioned the hand facing forward. Then it was a matter of adding the lightsaber wielding hands into suitable poses…and now I think he is finally ready to be primed and painted.


2 Responses to “Project: Grievous ~ Part IV”

  1. That is one hell of a Mr. Greives you are cobbling together Bots. My only general greivance is that I am a huge OT fan, so I am waiting on pins and needles to see your baby sized Chewpio progress.

  2. Thanks brother! 🙂
    Chewpio is on the stove top, but on the rear burner…I am looking to get him done pretty soon however.

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