The Droids

Been a long time coming but finally finished the droid duo…and even after getting Fable III yesterday!

The original paint jobs were just bloody awful (even had Threepio’s silver leg on his left….pffft, c’mon China…LOL). I went with a kinda grimy look for Artoo and a semi NMM for Threepio (painted him varying shades of GW Vomit Brown, washed with GW Devlan Mud and highlighted his raised bits with GW Shining Gold).



8 Responses to “The Droids”

  1. I like the weatherred look of gold on the bigger one. The smaller one is also nicely painted – lots of details on this one!
    You will probably find it surprising but the reason I’m not referring to them by names is that I’ve never watched any SW movie. I started a few but somehow I never really got into it. Still, I enjoy watching SW minis on your blog as there;s a great variety and it’s always good to see different types of techniques in use (not to mention your great conversions).

  2. Thanks brother! 🙂
    I think the reason I like Star Wars was because I grew up on it. I was 7 when the first movie was released and was happy with the original trilogy…however I didn’t much care for the newer movies until the third one.
    The gold droid, C-3PO, was an interesting paint job…I’ve never been able to pull off NMM as well as you can, so I tried to use just normal paints to achieve the right color then highlight with the metallics…mixing both styles seems to give a decent effect. I try to go for the same type of painting on my Gondor miniatures as well.
    Thanks again for the great comment!

  3. Great job on both bots Bots! I’m curious as to why you chose that particular Artoo though, the one from Rebel Storm seems closer in scale to Threeps. Can’t wait to see what you do with Fett.

  4. Thanks mate! 🙂
    I chose that Artoo partly because the detail was sharp and the mould lines weren’t a problem. All in all a very nice plastic model.

  5. This post inspired me to paint one of my old RS Threepio’s red and an extra K-3PO silver. As well as a slew of Astromechs black. Just call me easily led Bots! Lead the way.

  6. Really interested in seeing how your droids turn out. 🙂

    • I’m very please with the protocol droids, they went very quick. Still working on the Astromechs. I tried a new technique with U-3PO, where I painted him silver and while it was still wet I dry brushed it with gold so it mixed in to acheive the desired champagne colour.

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