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Posted in Reviews / Uncategorized / Misc. on November 26, 2010 by botwt

…it was time to spring for a new PC. This old Pentium III 498 MHz laptop with it’s massive 256 MB of RAM that has been filling in as a PC since the desktop crapped out a couple of months ago is now getting replaced.

I was going to go to Best Buy today for the Black Friday sales, but that is for the young and/or foolish…hehe, so I ordered a nice all-in-one PC from HP from the comfort of my computer chair and this old, archaic dinosaur of a laptop…ahh, lets be nice, it is a classic laptop.

Picked up the HP All-in-One 200t, I’m not a huge gamer so I think this will suit me just fine for the next 10 years running Photoshop CS and Office XP…besides, I cannot see spending thousands on a PC when I need to spend that money on this hobby. LOL

Now on to some miniatures while the wife is watching the puppy…it’s either that or do some dishes.  o_O

Hope you guys had a great Thanksgiving holiday yesterday! 😀


One More Gunslinger

Posted in Wild West / Historical on November 20, 2010 by botwt

Here is another one of Black Scorpion’s great Tombstone miniatures. I just wish that they would start making more of these historical pieces and less of the Fantasy Football stuff…hey, you can’t be expected to love everything a company makes.

One thing you won’t be seeing in my Old West Town are aliens. The upcoming movie based on the graphic novel with Daniel Craig and Harrison Ford looks like it should be alot of fun, but I’d prefer to keep my aliens separate in gaming terms.

Not my very best work, but he is more for gaming than display.

Finally Scored An ’09 Grombrindal

Posted in Lord of the Rings / Fantasy on November 14, 2010 by botwt

Cost me a pretty penny on eBay, but I thought this was one awesome model and stupidly I never picked it up when I had the chance. Hope to have him by the weekend so I can begin painting him up, in the meanwhile I think I work on one of my outlaws for my Legends of the Old West town.

Aurra Sing

Posted in Sci-Fi on November 12, 2010 by botwt

After looking at the two different Aurra Sing miniatures available I decided to have a go at creating my own…I just wasn’t sold on either of them. So I picked up a Dark Side Acolyte as my base figure and I also had an Asajj Ventress I got for 99¢ lying about and used that for her head.

Being that Asajj Ventress is bald it was just a matter of making her hair and adding an antenna. I created the antenna using a sewing pin and oddly enough I made her hair from a Lord of the Rings Rohan horse tail…the stuff you find in your bits drawer, hehe. I also replaced her raised arm’s lightsaber with a blaster from the left over Mon Calamari Mercenary that was used to create Jedi Vebb. Like I always say, don’t throw it away…who knew that a horse tail and a headless mercenary would come in handy for this project? The sniper rifle was another piece I had in the parts drawer that was just glued to her back.

For the paint scheme I went with her traditional red outfit even though the clothing is different between the two characters. Not my smoothest paint job, my MS has been giving my fingers a work out…but I can always go back later and fix up the poor spots.

And here she is next to her buddy Cad Bane (yes, I blew my birthday cash on the official model…I am such a tool).

Stalled Due To Puppy

Posted in Reviews / Uncategorized / Misc. on November 8, 2010 by botwt

Have a new puppy which has ground my free time and my sleep to a halt for the next little while. Kinda slowly working on a miniature of Aurra Sing here and there…hope to have her completed soonish.