Stalled Due To Puppy

Have a new puppy which has ground my free time and my sleep to a halt for the next little while. Kinda slowly working on a miniature of Aurra Sing here and there…hope to have her completed soonish.


2 Responses to “Stalled Due To Puppy”

  1. Cute wiener dog. Hopefully you came up with a better name for it than wiener dog.

    OT for these Knight Models minis areo you supposed cut the metal bar off the feet before you paint it? How do you get that off? Clip it with wire cutters and file it flat or saw it? Thanks. White metal mini newb. :*

  2. Hehe, yeah called her Mimi. 🙂

    The bottom rail on a white metal miniature is to aid in basing the character on a slotted base. Personally I leave it on if I simply use a sanded/ballast base, and remove it if going on a resin. Hope that helps.

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