…it was time to spring for a new PC. This old Pentium III 498 MHz laptop with it’s massive 256 MB of RAM that has been filling in as a PC since the desktop crapped out a couple of months ago is now getting replaced.

I was going to go to Best Buy today for the Black Friday sales, but that is for the young and/or foolish…hehe, so I ordered a nice all-in-one PC from HP from the comfort of my computer chair and this old, archaic dinosaur of a laptop…ahh, lets be nice, it is a classic laptop.

Picked up the HP All-in-One 200t, I’m not a huge gamer so I think this will suit me just fine for the next 10 years running Photoshop CS and Office XP…besides, I cannot see spending thousands on a PC when I need to spend that money on this hobby. LOL

Now on to some miniatures while the wife is watching the puppy…it’s either that or do some dishes.  o_O

Hope you guys had a great Thanksgiving holiday yesterday! 😀


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