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No Pardon For Billy The Kid

Posted in Wild West / Historical on December 31, 2010 by botwt

(CNN) — Gov. Bill Richardson of New Mexico will not pardon legendary Wild West outlaw Billy the Kid in the death of a law enforcement officer more than a century ago, he said Friday.

C’mon…he was promised a pardon by Wallace for murder of Sheriff Brady that happened during the Lincoln County War, he should have gotten the pardon. All the whiny people out there in NM complaining that he doesn’t deserve it because he killed others as well…he’s not getting a pass for the other murders, just the one during the LCW.

Sorry Billy, looks like another Governor stuck it to you. 😦



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Well, the last few hours of 2010 are here and I can now look forward to 2011 and more hobby A.D.D. (it’s not like there is a cure for it anyway). I’m hoping that in the coming year I can finish my hobby room so I can build my old west town of Perdition’s Gulch and another smaller gaming board, I also want to finish my Shire army (have about 12 more hobbits to paint). I also have an entire dwarf army to paint as well, but I know how I get and if I tackle that it will be a miracle…let’s just say I’ll attempt to start that one. I also plan on getting the Star Wars miniatures I have completed (about 22 left assuming that Knight Models doesn’t produce more 30mm miniatures that I cannot resist).

There are so many ideas running through my head, and more keep popping in all the time, so we’ll see just how I progress with this plan…maybe 2011 will be the year I actually stick with a plan. Hehe

Hope you guys have a safe and prosperous new year filled with all kinds of hobby goodness!!

The Stalker

Posted in Reviews / Uncategorized / Misc. on December 30, 2010 by botwt

Not so much hobby related but thought I’d post a photo of this guy that has been hanging around my place for the last couple of mornings looking to make a meal of my puppy. I think he’d be able to snatch up my 6lb dachshund without much effort at all…good thing she doesn’t go out without me.

This hawk is huge as you can see, the wingspan on this bugger has to be close to a yard wide…he is enormous! He’s definitely the biggest one I’ve ever seen around here, usually they are about half this guys size. I just wish I could have gotten closer to photograph him (he was three doors down when I shot this), just didn’t want to miss getting him. Truly an impressive animal!



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Well, here it is…the day after all the good food, great time with family visits and of course all the cool new gifts! Nothing new in the lead (and plastic) mountain this year, but I do have $50 leftover to put toward something hobby related. Maybe some new Lord of the Rings dwarves and hobbits, or maybe a few new Star Wars miniatures, or even the Ruins of Osgiliath.

Yeah, I need to spend half my cash on the ruins…now the hard part, what else do I want?!


Merry Christmas Everybody!!

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Hope all you guys have a safe and wonderful holiday and get everything that a good little hobbyist could wish for this year!

Wishing you guys all the best! 😀

HK-47 Assassin Droid

Posted in Sci-Fi on December 24, 2010 by botwt

Nothing too special here, just a simple repaint and re-base of the model so I can add him to all the other bounty hunters and nefarious cretins I presently own.

Die meatbag! 😀

Dash Rendar

Posted in Sci-Fi on December 22, 2010 by botwt

Not that I really know anything about this guy, just thought he looked like fun to paint up. I based him on some bit of plastic from GW’s 40K range and mounted that to a 30mm base…kinda looks like he is standing on part of his spaceship.