The Predator (Heresy’s Hürn) ~ Part I

Heresy’s Hürn has been sitting around for a while now and I wasn’t sure how to tackle him but decided today to just jump in with two feet.

I went looking online for a decent picture of the Predator’s skin but all the movie stills were too dark to get a feel for anything, then I found this one here that really helped me figure out how his skin looks.

I began with a black undercoat like always then went into GW’s Catachan Green then highlighted up to GW’s Rotting Flesh. Once everything was dry I went over the skin with GW’s Devlan Mud. His spots I made with an acrylic flat black, his teeth are base coated GW’s Bleach Bone (haven’t gone any further with them yet) and his eyes are GW’s Vomit Brown .

I got a little sloppy with some of the spots on his legs and chest, but they are an easy fix.


2 Responses to “The Predator (Heresy’s Hürn) ~ Part I”

  1. Great work on the skin so far, very predator-like 🙂

  2. Thanks brother, I think it is coming along nicely so far…funny how it made me nervous to attempt it.

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