The Terror Of Arnor

I’ve been looking to add Gulavhar, The Terror of Arnor to my Angmar army for a long time now…problem is that I hate the official model. Today I bumped into this really cool monster from Raging Heroes…the Manticore.

There will be a few things that I’ll have to do to modify this piece (remove the saddle for one) but all in all it will make one hell of a sweet looking beast alongside my orcs, trolls and spectres as they wreak havoc upon my Rangers of Arnor.


2 Responses to “The Terror Of Arnor”

  1. Wow, GW’s version pales in comparison! Can’t wait to see your take on this one.

    • It should be really a blast to paint up! Thinking I’ll go with a white/grey look to the fur and add just a touch of blood in this mouth to make him more sinister looking. 🙂

      Now I just have to wait until after Christmas to put my order in for this model…wife doesn’t want me spending anymore money till after the holidays. Hehe

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