Aragorn Goes West?

Having two of this pose of the Black Scorpion Tombstone miniature I thought I’d do a little something to make him unique; and having this extra Aragorn head in my parts drawer it filled the bill.

As I was painting this model I noticed the resemblance to Josh Holloway of Lost so decided to make him blonde instead of the dark hair I was going with like Aragorn…maybe I should re-title this post, “Sawyer Goes West“. LOL

My MS was messing with my hands today, but still managed to get model #2 of 2011 completed!


3 Responses to “Aragorn Goes West?”

  1. iipepeii Says:

    Hello! Im from Hungary and I like your blog. I want to see some continuation 🙂

    • Thanks iipepeii! I’m pleased that you’re enjoying the blog…I do have many more Old West miniatures and terrain planned for this coming year. 😀

  2. iipepeii Says:

    I understand “the continuation” to the wild west line.

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