Obi-Wan Kenobi’s Eta-2 Actis-class Light Interceptor & R4-P17

Revell’s Mini Eta-2 Actis Light Interceptor measures 3.94″ (100 mm) long x 3.39″ (86 mm) wide. Pictured below are the sprues you are provided to build this piece.

As for assembly, this thing is a piece of cake…even with my MS it wasn’t an issue getting the pieces put together. Though it says it is a “snap tite” model, some of the pieces could use a touch of glue.

If you are looking to use this model for gaming purposes it is pretty close in scale with the 30mm Star Wars miniatures from either WoTC or Knight Models. Pretty close. The astromech droid is spot on scale wise , but the cockpit looks a bit tiny.

What I did to rectify this is painted the inside of the windows black to hide the scale issues.

Next up was to get the model to look battle worn; I used this picture as a guide.

I took a sanding block used to smooth plaster to scuff the pre-painted areas and then weathered the rest of the miniature. I might have added a bit much in the weathering of the armor, but all in all it will be fine for display. I ordered some clear flight stands from GW…they made it so I can mount the ship properly.

I also decided to paint R4-P17 as well. The one on the ship might get replaced at some point in the future, as it looks pretty shoddy next to the based version I painted up from an R7 Astromech Droid. The easiest way to replace it would just be to purchase another R7 and chop it up. I followed this picture when painting my model.

And here are the finished versions of both the ship and the droid.

Four days into 2011 and I’ve gotten three foot units and a spaceship completed…a pace I surely cannot keep up I’m sure. LOL


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  1. […] For this one I used the mini Revell model of Anakin’s Eta-2 Actis-class Light Interceptor to make this piece. I painted all the yellow areas of the ship black and then weathered the armor and darkened the windows of the model in the same fashion as I did with Obi-Wan’s Interceptor. […]

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