Jedi Robed Ahsoka Tano Custom

I came across a really cool piece of artwork by JosephB222 on deviantART and decided to make an Ahsoka Tano miniature with more of a traditional Jedi outfit like he created (not to mention I find her tube top and miniskirt ridiculous). He also drew an awesome version of Ahsoka aged 10 years that I may tackle in miniature at some point in the future.

So I started with the Stass Allie miniature as the base and used the above Ahsoka model for the head. The Stass Allie miniature is shorter than some of the other generic robed Jedi which helped me not only get the robed look, but also getting her height as close to correct as possible judging by this picture below…looks like she comes to about shoulder height on Skywalker, not to mention a female starting point was also a plus.

Removing Allie’s head wasn’t an issue…getting Tano’s head off was another matter, and it provided me another scar for my finger. What I did was cut the head off below her head tails and then whittled away slowly between then until i had her decapitated just below the chin and leaving the three tails intact. This is not a conversion I’d like to tackle again, but the end result has a very promising look to it.

I went with a similar paint scheme to the original Stass Allie for the final result, but painted her pants and boots in the cartoon scheme (white/grey pants and a burgundy boot). The free hand on her face and head came out fairly well considering my hands are crap due to my MS, but a good craftsman never blames his tools. Hehe

Ahsoka Tano


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