Review Of Skullcraft’s Snow Mix Flock Scatter

I purchased some of Skullcrafts’ Snow Mix Flock Scatter to be primarily used on my Lord of the Rings Dwarven and Dúnedain Ranger miniatures. I have tried other manufactures’ types of snow and have been left hoping for better results. Now, what I’ll be doing is having snowy patches on the bases and not (or very, very rarely) having the whole base snowy; so I am going to use the technique suggested by the manufacturer where I’ll use a blob of PVA glue (or school glue) and heap on the flock but not immediately tap off the extra…then let this setup for 20-30 minutes and then after remove the excess.

Here is how this technique turned out.

The texture of the snow flock is varied, which is very nice and something that you don’t get in some other products I’ve used…and being this way some of it is very susceptible to being blown off the base while applying it quite easily (so if you are near a window, have allergies or just a heavy breather, be careful). Other bits of the flock are shiny, which at a distance when it catches the light will give a fresh fallen snow look to it…I tried to capture the different textures by adjusting the contrast and brightness of the photo above so you can get a feel for how it looks in person. All in all I have to say that I am impressed with this product, and at $3.75 USD for each 1 oz. jar, it is not an outrageously bad price either.

I’m going to give this snow flock a solid 9 out of 10.


4 Responses to “Review Of Skullcraft’s Snow Mix Flock Scatter”

  1. Very nice effect. I’ve been using a mixture of PVA glue, Gale Force 9 and GW’s snow flocks and was pretty happy with the result. However, it takes and some effort to get a nice effect using these. The Skullcrafts’ Snow Mix looks like a good solution in terms of speed/quality. I I ever get a chance to buy it here I’ll definitely give it a try.

  2. Thanks brother, so far I am really impressed by the look…just hope it doesn’t yellow over time like Woodland Scenics snow did for me (and that yellowed probably within two months).

  3. Thanks for bringing to light another fantastic vendor!

  4. […] placed my Ori on the test base I used for my review of the snow flock scatter I purchased from Skullcraft…I am very happy that this stuff hasn’t lost any of […]

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