Mouse Droids

Wizards of the Coast Mouse Droid miniatures seem to be quite expensive for those who play the Star Wars Miniature Game, coming in at roughly $8 (or more) for one 3 point model seems pretty much a ripoff. My solution, separate the two that you get on the original model and make them each an individual unit. Now you’ll have two 3 point models for your $8.

Unpainted, but you still get the point of the article here.


2 Responses to “Mouse Droids”

  1. Very nice. This was a popular solution before for the competitive scene until it became against the rules.
    Scarcity was never a problem for me as I got lucky and got 15 of them for a dollar each. (I left another 15 for the next guy).

    Can’t wait to see the bases painted up.

    • Really, they made it against the rules?!? Wow, what nonsense seeing how you have to rely on luck when you buy the booster packs to get models. Sounds like a GW move.
      Glad I only collect. 🙂

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