New Star Wars Miniatures From Knight Models

Couple new Knight Models Star Wars miniatures, this time it’s a 30mm Aayla Secura and the 70mm Luke Skywalker…looks to be more fantastic sculpts by them.


7 Responses to “New Star Wars Miniatures From Knight Models”

  1. Im really glad they are continuing to build on this line. The sculpting is clearly excellent. Although quite expensive, i may invest if they keep bringing out more. I have a wish list of course 🙂

    • Yeah, their sculpting is phenomenal and their cost is sure up there, especially on the 70mm pieces, but I was baptized into this hobby a few years ago by Games Workshop. So the price on the 30mm minis don’t freak me out as much as I’ve gotten used to paying through the nose for a hero/named character from good ‘ole GW.

  2. Soo awesome!!! Have you found any vendors stateside that are carrying the newer releases?

    • Usually the CMoN shop has them about a month or so later, but to be honest I order straight from KM as it costs less. The 12.92€ price tag comes to roughly $17.2960 and CMoN is charging $21 each so you make out ordering from the manufacturer with the exchange rate.

  3. Yeah, to be honest I can’t say I’m a big fan of the Cmon shop. I ordered from them only once, but they took a very long time (3 weeks) to even ship my order so I got it over a month later. Also they charged me $$$ for shipping- souring experience- I’m not in a rush to order from them again anytime soon.
    Furthermore I really want this line to succeed for KM so I would rather support any vendor that carries their product rather than buying from them directly. I am happy to have the option of buying direct though, with the scarcity of vendors.

  4. I have not done any of the KM 30mm range yet. I have done in the 72mm range. Luke with Yoda, Iron Man, Wolverine, Stormtrooper and Boba Fett. I have the amazing Scout trooper with speeder bike to so as well. Are they the cheapest mini’s? Nope. Are they worth it? I totally think so. Each one comes in a tin, they have to pay Lucasfilm licensing fee which has to add to the cost. They are limited to only 500 of each one as well. We are getting Marvel and Star Wars mini’s in new dynamic poses not the same old movie stuff that so often gets done for busts and statues. They are big. Fett with his base stands taller than my Index finger. Bunch of detail. Just my opinion but I don’t think they are over priced for what you get. I’d buy direct and not use Cmon store.

    • I agree…their product is amazing and have been eager to get some the the 70mm figures, but have held off due to my budget. As for CMoN, the only reason I have used them is the length of time it was taking to get packages directly from KM…then again it was close to the Christmas season when I did, so I should (and will) deal directly with them when I place my order for Shaak Ti.

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