Darth Vader’s Eta-2 Actis-class Light Interceptor & R4-K5

For this one I used the mini Revell model of Anakin’s Eta-2 Actis-class Light Interceptor to make this piece. I painted all the yellow areas of the ship black and then weathered the armor and darkened the windows of the model in the same fashion as I did with Obi-Wan’s Interceptor.

I also painted another R7 Astromech Droid to look like Vader’s buddy R4-K5, and used the following photo for reference.

I decided not to put the crappy stock droid onto the ship this time and purchased two more of the R7 Droids from eBay to get the continuity I’m after. So once they arrive I’ll chop them down and paint them to resemble R4-P17 and R4-K5.

Here are the finished results of the fighter and the droid.


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